Delivering Official Local Authority information to the desktop

The use of remote access, combined with the use of 21st century IT enables the creation of Regulated Local Authority Search Reports & associated Conveyancing Products. 

Search Content

  • Based directly on “official” data from Public and Local Authorities
  • Reports individually “signed off” by a team of experienced staff
  • Insurances for missing or delayed Local Authority data optional
  • One stop shop for all conveyancing report requirements


  • Live access to case tracking narrative. E.g. search return times are flagged up
  • Flexible report options. E.g. Orders per day, outstanding queries/plan issues automatically sent each night, to one or more persons
  • Standard packs with bespoke content agreed per firm, at national prices enable a “one click” ordering solution
  • Capacity and scaling up is not an issue as large elements of the Rightsearch build process are either fully or partly automated


  • With remote access model and automated compilation, the low base costs of report creation is passed onto the Conveyancer
  • Prices negotiable on a volume/pack content basis